(re)evolutionary importance of love

wool, muslin, thread, headpins, crafted stand, mirror    2016

Astley_W_02_The Mother Implored the Bee to Cull the Magic, Sun-Colored Balsam from Ukkos – The Restoration of Lemminkainen_Wood box, Merino wool, gold leaf, seed beads, thread and doll_2013_$NFS

l e m e n k a i n e n ‘s    r e s t o r a t i o n

muslin, beads, doll, beeswax, gold leaf, handmade felt    2013

  b o x

b o x  

handmade felt, beads, gold leaf, fake fur, cigar box    2013


w i t h  d o m e

s c a r l e t   m e a d o w h a w k s  

handmade felt, lamb leather, wood, steel    2012


n e s t

branches, muslin, wool, cotton, hemp    2012

n e s t 

n e s t  (alternate view)


r e m e d y   f o r   d i s o d e r s

felt, steel    2011


r e d   d r a g o n f l i e s

lamb leather, wood, steel, handmade felt (one of four)    2011


p i n c e r s

wool    2011

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