Official Remedy for Disorders

Blue Dandelions   So here are some of my blue dandelions.  I “planted” just over 250 of them last Friday at Camp Long for the Nature Consortium’s Arts-in-Nature Festival that was held  last Saturday and Sunday.    

    While researching images and facts about dandelions, I learned that the official name for Dandelions is Taraxacum Officinale which means “Official Remedy for Disorders.”  I decided to borrow that for my title.  I love the fanciness of the title to describe dandelions and I particularly like the notion that there could be one remedy for all disorders.  Perhaps a stroll through a field of blue dandelions could remedy a disorder or two.  

    I originally hunted for turquoise felt but could not find it.  I like this blue a lot, however, and it worked well with the filtered light.  Felt is a great fabric for our damp mornings and warm afternoons and I love to work with it.  I also liked that I finally found a use for the dozens of long sticks of ceiling wire that Joel dragged home from a site more than a year ago.  They made great stems.

    Overall I think this was a good installation.  I especially liked it when the Dass Dance troupe danced through a group of the dandelions en route to the meadow.  Their piece, “Fighting Water” was beautiful and they wore blue!

The only challenge with the dandelions was that folks were compelled to touched them (duh). When I arrived on Sunday morning I had to re-plant and re-flower several stems.  Next time I’ll use something a little more pick-resistant.  

There is a great website if you’d like to find out more about nutritious and delicious dandelions:

Til next time, thanks for visiting.

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