Cardinal Meadowhawks

I recently started work on my next installation. I am making a lot of dragonflies.

Frankly, I set out to make beetles, however, the beetles most pleasing to me are not native to the Pacific Northwest.   It’s important to me to have a native insect for this project as it will be installed as part of this year’s Nature Consortium’s Art’s in Nature Festival.  I also wanted to choose a bug that is beautiful and one that has a useful, integral role in its habitat.

I started my search for a new bug at the Seattle Bug Safari.  There I found Insects of the Pacific Northwest, a book filled with gorgeous images and straightforward information.  I also found out that if you make a purchase at the gift shop, you will receive a two for one coupon for entry to the actual bug zoo.

Specifically, I have chosen to model this new work after the Cardinal Meadowhawk – a spendidly scarlet NW native.  I am playing with steel and ruby fabric so far – we’ll see what else emerges.

This is my first foray into kinetic work.  Here’s a quick peek at Sketch #1.  More to come.

Thanks for visiting.


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