A ton of fun was had Saturday during our Seattle Art Museum Family Fun! Nick Cave event.  Erin Shafkind and I (and our fabulous team of volunteers!) took 60 or so folks through the Nick Cave exhibit then headed to the studio to make plushies and puppets and all sorts of other fabulously amazing things.

While we were touring the galleries I loved seeing the reactions on the children’s faces and hearing their impressions, but I really loved watching the interactions among the families during the studio time.

I also LOVED that we got invaded not once but twice during our studio time!  The first time the Soundsuit dancers came through by themselves. The children and their families were absolutely delighted, but then half an hour later they came through again with a klezmerish jazz ensemble in tow.  It positively made my day.

Looking forward to more Nick Cave fun and to teaching my next art workshop.  I get to teach a kinetic sculpture workshop at Northstar Junior high.  I would love to teach a class or workshop at your child’s school.  Just holler!



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