f a l l

Well, I turned around and found fall outside my door.  Spring was just here – right here! – fat with  time and good light to work on all those upcoming projects.  Those “upcoming” summer projects – the classes to create and teach, the school to set up, the house guests to make room for and enjoy, the ton of rocks to felt and arrange, the artist residency to wrap up, the piles of costumes to design and sew, all that stuff – it’s all done.  Miraculously done.

Now I am combing through photos taken by friends and fellow artists, Erin Shafkind, Stephen Roxborough, and others, and making selections on what to put into the self-published book that I am making to document this summer’s work.  I love this part.  The reviewing and remembering.  Here are a couple images:

From The Passing  (photo by stephen roxborough)

k a i r o s (detail)

I also love the clean slate – the fresh start.  I cleared out the studio and I’m geared up for the next project.  Projects.  I started work on some mechanical costuming elements that I’ve been carrying around in my mind for a long time.  I am also firing up another yearlong project.  One day at a time?  Maybe.  One thing at a time?  Impossible.

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