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So, I decided to take part in the Art House Coop’s Sketchbook Project 2013.  I have been following the project for years now but have never participated.  If you don’t already know about the Sketchbook Project, co-founder Steven Peterman describes it like this:  “[The Sketchbook Project is] an interactive, world-wide traveling exhibition with artists’ sketchbooks.”  To participate, you simply register on their website then wait for the sketchbook to show up in your mailbox.  You fill it in, in anyway you see fit (with some clearly stated constraints), make certain it’s dry then send it back to them.

“Them” is Art House Co-op the parent group who offers the Sketchbook Project (SP).  Art House and the SP are housed in the Brooklyn Art Library in Williamsburg and manage the more than 22,000 sketchbooks they have collected annually since the Project’s start in 2006.

Once the sketchbooks are received they go on tour.  Events are held in cities across the US (there was a stop in London this year, too) where folks can come “check out” the books – hold them in their hands and see what artists from all over the world have contributed.

I am using this project as a morning “start” for sketches and musings on a bigger project about place, migration, shifting and dirt.

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