Gallery (206) Project

I am so pleased to be included in Todd Jannausch‘s newest project, Gallery (206).   The “gallery” is a repurposed telephone booth which includes 19 panels of original artworks, original music in the handset and a “phonebook” of 206 Seattle Artists.

Gallery (206) in Occidental Park

I just love this installation/gallery – it’s so surprising and elegant.  When I went to find the gallery myself, it was tucked behind another artist’s set up for First Thursday.  From 10 paces it looks just like a clean, well-kept, um, phone booth.  As I got closer then inside the space, I sensed how carefully this work was assembled, both physically and from a curatorial perspective.

Jannausch’s last curatorial/rouge gallery project, Gallery 40, was also a diminutive gallery showcasing 40 artists in an unexpected and delightful way.  I deeply appreciate Jannausch’s “Art for All” approach to showing important works.  I get to show and see works I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.  In his words:

In the end, Gallery 40 was never a gallery at all. It was just a 4’x10’ sheet of plywood, some old caster wheels and a few car batteries. It was your imagination and love of creativity that made it a gallery, and therefore made it a special place to share, support and participate in the conversation about ideas and art.

Look for Gallery (206) Project in Occidental Park next time you’re in Pioneer Square.

The new phone book is here....

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