Georgetown Carnival ’11

I showed up in Georgetown yesterday morning to install my blue dandelions for the Georgetown Carnival.  I love the idea of the dandelions in this gritty, industrial arts neighborhood.  The area where I was to put the dandelions was rich with real dandelions, cigarette butts and hard, compacted dirt.  Perfect.

before the trouncing

The neighborhood was quietly humming with artists and vendors getting things ready for the day .   I got some coffee then got busy fussily placing the dandelions here and there just so.   Everything looked great.  But then the people came.  And came.  And came.  I did not take pictures of the mass destruction  I found at the close of the festival (the squashed, maimed and wasted dandelions), but boy they were not looking good.  Note to self:  Bigger, Tougher and Less Accessible sculpture for next year.

Anywho – I had a great time.  The carnival was amazing.  I especially loved the SANCA performances, the Power Tool Races and the installation/freak show at the Georgetown Stables.  We got to see Flatchestedmama performing poetry via semaphore.  We ate falafel, of course, and pizza and cotton candy…  It was a sunny, warm day in Seattle and that in combination with a festival atmosphere – well, I was in heaven.

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