Under the Eorthe

I am gathering gear and materials to head out to Little Eorthe tomorrow.  I get to stay out at the farm for a full 24-hours for the first time.  The forecast is for rain, rain, rain, but I will work and sleep inside the barn with the llamas and sheep.

b u n k m a t e

The materials I will work with include sticks/branches, stones, feathers, wool, water, dirt and other sundry items.  I will also get to work with Carrie doing farm stuff/whatever the day calls for.  I am a little daunted by the cold and wet, but equally excited to have so many hours of uninterrupted work time and to camp with the animals.

I am pleased to begin real work on the farm.  I am also pleased to welcome this new season – to shake hands with winter and finally get aquainted.  I typically try my best to hide from winter cold.  My normal way of being is under wraps indoors restlessly waiting for spring, or I get out of town.  Occasionally I wander out to play in the snow or go for walks, but it’s not a comfortable time for me.  This year I am doing things differently.  This year I am acutely aware of the quiet life being forged just beneath my feet.  Literally.  Giant, ancient forces are working on tiny lives in the security of the dark underground.  This year I am paying attention.

I will report what I see and do over the weekend.  Thanks for visiting.

One Comment on “Under the Eorthe

  1. “…ancient forces are working on tiny lives in the security of the dark underground. This year I am paying attention.” beautiful!! it’s amazing how new worlds open up when we change the frame. i am curious about how we see, when we see, how we come to life, where and how it happens, that we wake up. is it in looking or in changing the scenery, that we wake up, become alert? does it matter which we alter first, the interior or the exterior? or do they change together? or is there no difference? mayeb the llama knows?

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