Of the Eorthe

I returned from Eorthe this afternoon a very happy woman.  I got to spend the better part of an afternoon, an entire night and a morning on the farm with Carrie, Ken, neighbor Bill and the animals.

w e l c o m e

I originally planned on pitching my tent in the sheep/llama barn, but Carrie said I could bunk in the greenhouse so I took her up on it.  Not only did it smell a whole lot better in there, but there was a downpour and the rain sounded fantastic on the roof.  I set up my gear then met Carrie to feed the animals.  We loaded up grains and fresh water for the pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys and llamas then hopped in a golf cart and made the rounds.

e a s y r i d e r

The baby pigs have grown a lot.  Mama pig was shooing them away from her grain in not so subtle tones.  Carrie said the babies will probably be weaned and separated from their mother by next weekend.  The mother will be returned to her mate’s pen and will be ready to have another litter in the spring.  The babies will be sold.

Once the eggs were collected and everyone was fed, I took off to snoop around.  The first stop I made was to the glorious collection of stuff piled off to the side of the sheep barn.  There are tractor parts, stones, timber, poles and a great and varied assortment of thingies.  I wandered through and set aside some items that I thought would make great armatures or that I simply liked.  I then headed through the back field toward the creek.

The creek was running fast and was foggy with silt.  I could have spent the rest of the day sitting on the bank watching and listening, but after I walked a good length I turned around and headed in.  I was completely soaked, the fog was rolling in and it would be dark soon anyway.  If it’s dryer the next time I come, I will camp there next to the water.

So I got out of my wet clothes (mostly) and settled into my tent – in the greenhouse.  The sound of the rain was so big and commanding I simply sat and listened for a while.  I then heated soup on my little gas stove, spread materials out everywhere and found good company in Engage, the aptly named chatty and affectionate greenhouse cat.

o u t s i d e i n s i d e

Alone with piles of stuff and a whole evening of time, I felt giddy with possibility.  The open-endedness of this project is incredibly liberating.  That and the wealth of materials at the farm and all the new experiences plus Carrie and Ken’s generosity and warmth make this a real playground.  Paradise!  I picked up a stick and some fabric and just started sewing.  I sewed and wrote and read and ate and listened and sat and petted and assembled and it was good.

The next morning it was still raining and I was somewhat wet and cold.  I was geared up fairly well this visit, but will look for stuff that stays warmer and drier to bring next time.  It was pretty early – around 5:30 – and there was no light in the house, so I jumped in my van and took off to Orting (about a mile away) in search of coffee and to get warmed up.

Shortly after I got back I found Carrie at the pigs.  I asked her for a few minutes for Q & A and she offered to fix me a “cowgirl breakfast.”  We went in the house and were joined by Ken and neighbor Bill.  Ken actually fixed us an amazing breakfast of fresh eggs, cheese and veggie chorizo.  They also shared some toast and lilikoi curd they brought back from their recent trip to Hawaii.  We shared facts and food and stories and I was filled up.

I worked a little longer out in my nest, took a few more pictures then I closed up shop and packed it in.  I said my good-byes and headed back home.  Already looking forward to next time.

Thanks for visiting.

One Comment on “Of the Eorthe

  1. dreamy. it all sounds dreamy, from the pigs to the cat to the rain to the stream to the lovely farmers themselves! open ended-ness, yes, i think that’s why we go to the sea.. the possibilities! “and it was good” says it all.

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