On Deck

I am busy, busy, getting projects together that I will show this summer.  I’m continuing in work that is inspired by natural design (nests, eggs, plants, sheep, bugs…) and look forward to showing my work at a few outdoor festivals (my favorite!). As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am creating kinetic sculpture. It’s very new and challenging for me, but quite exciting.  I…


A ton of fun was had Saturday during our Seattle Art Museum Family Fun! Nick Cave event.  Erin Shafkind and I (and our fabulous team of volunteers!) took 60 or so folks through the Nick Cave exhibit then headed to the studio to make plushies and puppets and all sorts of other fabulously amazing things. While we were touring the galleries I loved seeing…

Family Fun at SAM

The Nick Cave show at Seattle Art Museum is amazingly, mind-bogglingly phenomenal. I’ve poured over every page of his new coffee table book, seen the work in Vogue and all over the internet, but to walk among the Soundsuits at SAM is a sensational, jaw-dropping experience. I have the great pleasure of getting to co-teach at SAM’s Family Fun! Nick Cave event this coming Saturday,…

A Quickening…..

I am so honored to be mentioned in artist Mandy Greer’s blog, A Quickening…. You can check out her beautiful blog and see some images and words she shared about my dandelion installation (scroll down a bit). http://aquickening.wordpress.com/ Thanks for visiting. -Wyly

Cardinal Meadowhawks

I recently started work on my next installation. I am making a lot of dragonflies. Frankly, I set out to make beetles, however, the beetles most pleasing to me are not native to the Pacific Northwest.   It’s important to me to have a native insect for this project as it will be installed as part of this year’s Nature Consortium’s Art’s in Nature Festival….

I want to make a Soft-D out of your child’s artwork. What’s that? Check out my recent new etsy item @ HorsepowerStudio.etsy.com. Thanks!

Today I’m going to finish my work for the festival. 3 days before the event? Unprecendented!!! Come out w/the kids! http://tiny.cc/s8wt5

Please Visit Horsepower Studio on Etsy

Hi there –   I just opened my new Etsy shop.  I am using Etsy to show and sell my designs for children.  I have costumes, clothing, toys and gifts for kids.  You can find me at HorsepowerStudio.etsy.com. Also, please visit me at the Gig Harbor Summer Arts Festival on July 18 & 19th. I’ll be there hosting a kid’s tent.  I’m bringing four…

Save the Date! I’m at the Gig Harbor Summer Arts Fest July 18 & 19th. I’m bringing four super cute sewing kits for kids to make.

Dandelion Hat

  Dan Webb is a Seattle artist who has done a number of dandelions in various media.  Besides being a great fan of Dan Webb’s work generally, I really connected with a dandelion drawing of his that was hung in the Greg Kucera gallery.  It was a pencil (I think) line drawing of a single dandelion on paper.  What struck me was the fact that…